The Tower Club adds “Murder” to the menu! – Capers Productions

On Saturday August 17, 2013 the Members and guests of the exclusive Tower Club in Oxnard California, were treated to something special in addition to the award winning cuisine for which the club is famous. Buzz and Lynn’s Capers were on hand to add some mirthful mayhem to the evening as they produced one of their signature Murder Mystery Dinners in the club’s top floor Banquet Room.

As the guests gathered for cocktails, they learned about a new membership group named “The Black Diamond Society” and were also invited to help resolve the mysterious demise of Society’s most recent member, ‘Chester Blande’

The Detective delivers clues to the intrigued guests

The Detective delivers clues to the intrigued guests

Over the next 2 hours, they gathered clues, interrogated some very entertaining suspects and witnessed two more murders right in their midst! Miraculously, on the other side of dessert and coffee, one team solved the mystery and everyone survived to tell the tale!

Capers cast with the "Victim"

Capers cast with the “Victim”

Once again, Capers created a “Dinner To Die for” and will soon be returning to the Tower Club “scene of the crime” to create another spectacular mystery evening. Stay tuned for details!